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Do You Believe in Magic? How About the Magical Powers of Dish Soap?

I know this posting isn’t about food – it’s more about what I use to get those pesky food stains out of clothes. Do you believe in Magic? How about the magical powers of Palmolive Oxy Plus dish soap? One night the husband was cooking, more like frying, something up and spilled grease all over … Continue reading

On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee

If you’ve got any bit of “food nerd” in you, you’ve got to check out Mr. McGee’s book.  He breaks down everything about food and cooking, from why beans make you fart to how the addition of sugar turns an egg white foam into a beautiful meringue.  He goes into great detail about all forms … Continue reading


Our homie Hakeem was stuck in Australia for over a month on a surprise business trip.  Not sure if he actually got any work done, but he did bring back these kick ass macarons.  Even after the flight from Australia back to the Bay Area these things still had a light, flaky macaron shell with … Continue reading