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Dessert: It’s What’s for Dinner!

When I was twelve I asked my mom if I could have dessert for dinner and she told me no – when I grew up I could have all the dessert for dinner I wanted. Guess what? Once I became a grownup I did just that! I would eat tubs of ice cream, cake, brownies, … Continue reading

The Case of the Mysteriously Missing Blogger

Hello Dear Reader, I swear I haven’t forgotten about you. You’re probably wondering where I’ve been and why you haven’t seen any new posts by me. I do have two very good reasons why I have not been blogging and leaving my poor husband to do all the work. 1. I’ve been a lazy blogger. … Continue reading

Super Bowl Planning – It’s never too early

Never too early to start planning for your Super Bowl Party, folks. Don’t be the guy who ends up serving bottled salsa and frozen pizzas! Buffalo wings, chili, queso con carne, buffalo chicken dip, salsa and sliders are just a few staples. Be creative and don’t sleep on planning. After the holidays the Super Bowl … Continue reading

Be Still, My Bleating Fart

Posting the California Turkey Chili recipe got me to thinking of the only downside to having a pot of three-bean chili in your fridge: the devastating gas you can only conjure when you mix three different beans and five different chiles together.  If you’re not a fan of being on the receiving end of this … Continue reading