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Healthy Chicken Enchiladas

I’m not a huge fan of taking otherwise unhealthy recipes and trying to “healthify” them because generally you end up with an inferior dish that leaves you hankering for the real thing. In some cases, though, the original just lends itself very easily to a light-but-delicious version, like this chicken enchilada recipe. The few sub … Continue reading

Super Bowl, Super Party

* Update: Wes Welker, you are officially OFF my Christmas Card list.  First Kyle WIlliams, now the Giants winning basically due to one dropped pass. The NFL has been unkind to me this year. First and foremost the Super Bowl is about the game (especially if you had a few bucks riding on the Packers … Continue reading

Nước-Mắm and Nước Chấm Dipping Sauces

Fish sauce by itself is salty, pungent and overpowering. Only a true fiend (like my wife) would eat it in its raw form, although there are those rare Vietnamese dishes where you eat it pure. Otherwise, it is best used to salt a dish or to mix down into the delicious dipping sauces below. A … Continue reading

Don’t Judge a Cook by his Cover: Parcel 104, Santa Clara, CA

Sitting at the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara is a bit of a yuppie wannabe heaven, catered to by restaurants that overcharge for bland, unremarkable food. A short drive from where we live, you’ll find the headquarters of Cisco, Facebook, Google, Apple and a ton of other technology heavy hitters. So you can imagine … Continue reading

Thiṭ Nướng (Vietnamese Grilled Pork)

I was a little shocked to realize this is the first Vietnamese recipe I’ll be posting. I guess since I cook Vietnamese all the time I’m not as fascinated by it, even though I absolutely love the food and enjoy both cooking and eating it. It makes me wonder if Tom Brady ever gets tired … Continue reading

Cervezas Preparadas: When Bad Beer Goes Good

I’m no beer snob and am far from a brew expert, but I know a bad beer when I taste one. Inevitably, after hosting enough parties you’ll accumulate tons of random beers, some of which being the American “light beer” variety. Good news: these otherwise bland and unremarkable beers (as well as milder Mexican imports … Continue reading

A Merry Christmas to All!

We hope the holiday season brings you all joy, health and a fully belly.  Despite being a heathen, I still celebrate Christmas because there’s nothing like seeing a kid’s eyes light up when they get just what they asked Santa for. Sadly, it seems like every year retailers dig their claws a little deeper in … Continue reading

Kim Chi Chronicles, Part One: Whole Napa Cabbage Kim Chi

Kim chi is one of those dishes that you can find in decent quality at any store, but will be blown away by when you actually taste an authentic, homemade version.  We’re lucky to live in Santa Clara because it is kind of considered the unofficial Korean Mecca of the South Bay.  You could spend … Continue reading

Redd: So Nice We Did it Twice

We live in a time and age where food and wine accolades are thrown around like singles at a strip club. Just like Little League, where every kid gets a chance to hit, it seems as if you can always find someone to praise your product or establishment just because no child should be left … Continue reading

Super Bowl Planning – It’s never too early

Never too early to start planning for your Super Bowl Party, folks. Don’t be the guy who ends up serving bottled salsa and frozen pizzas! Buffalo wings, chili, queso con carne, buffalo chicken dip, salsa and sliders are just a few staples. Be creative and don’t sleep on planning. After the holidays the Super Bowl … Continue reading