If my camera's a-clickin' don't come in the kitchen! I'm The Husband's muse, personal photographer and royal taster. I love making and consuming baked goods, but my true weakness is dessert. If you value your life, don't stand between me and something sweet. To my Facebook friends I'm a food porn hustler and sometimes brutally honest critic - just ask my husband!
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C is for Cookie

Hello Readers!  I wanted to share with you a a few shortbread cookie recipes I tried out in February. After I got back from Hawaii and had eaten all my gourmet shortbread cookies from the Honolulu cookie company, I have been obsessed with them. All I can think about are those delightful little buttery cookies … Continue reading

Aloha, Hawaii!! Mahalo for the Memories!

Aloha Readers! We just got back last week from our vacation to Maui and the Big Island and it has been so hard to switch back from Island Time. Maui was my favorite of the two islands we visited – beautiful warm weather, crystal blue waters, black and white sand beaches, cool looking tropical plants … Continue reading

Dessert: It’s What’s for Dinner!

When I was twelve I asked my mom if I could have dessert for dinner and she told me no – when I grew up I could have all the dessert for dinner I wanted. Guess what? Once I became a grownup I did just that! I would eat tubs of ice cream, cake, brownies, … Continue reading

The Case of the Mysteriously Missing Blogger

Hello Dear Reader, I swear I haven’t forgotten about you. You’re probably wondering where I’ve been and why you haven’t seen any new posts by me. I do have two very good reasons why I have not been blogging and leaving my poor husband to do all the work. 1. I’ve been a lazy blogger. … Continue reading

Ready! Set! TCHO! Death by Chocolate

Anyone who’s seen “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” has wished that they too could one day find that Golden Ticket and be whisked away into a magical world of ooey gooey chocolate goodness.  Unfortunately such a decadently sweet paradise only exists in books, movies and dreams, right?  WRONG! If you’re lucky enough to live near … Continue reading

Do You Believe in Magic? How About the Magical Powers of Dish Soap?

I know this posting isn’t about food – it’s more about what I use to get those pesky food stains out of clothes. Do you believe in Magic? How about the magical powers of Palmolive Oxy Plus dish soap? One night the husband was cooking, more like frying, something up and spilled grease all over … Continue reading