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C is for Cookie

Freshly baked Lavender Shortbread cookies

Hello Readers!  I wanted to share with you a a few shortbread cookie recipes I tried out in February. After I got back from Hawaii and had eaten all my gourmet shortbread cookies from the Honolulu cookie company, I have been obsessed with them. All I can think about are those delightful little buttery cookies dipped in dark chocolate, filled with dried fruit, coming in all sorts of flavors that are too many to mention.  So one day I scoured the Internet looking for butter/shortbread cookie recipes and found three that I was really excited to try out.

The first recipe was from Martha Stewart’s website.  It’s their Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Hearts Cookie recipe.  The shortbread was easy to make and fun to do. I did need to borrow a little man muscle to help me roll out the chilled dough, but other than that I didn’t have any major issues.

Shortbread Cookie dipped in Ghirardelli 60% dark chocolate

The only thing that I would do differently the next time I bake these cookies is to add more chocolate on them.  I had dipped only a fourth of the cookie in the melted chocolate because I wanted them to look just like the picture on the website. For me, being the insane chocolate lover that I am, there just wasn’t enough of it on my cookie.  So note to self: more chocolate on the cookies……hmmm, maybe one side covered completely in chocolate!

Savory Simple’s blog is a great place to check out some delicious food porn and, of course, great recipes. Their shortbread recipe was one of my favorites and used a not so common ingredient: lavender.  The Lavender Shortbread Cookie was very buttery, not too sweet and infused with the amazing taste of lavender. I noticed that when I tasted dried lavender on its own, it’s an herb that is very spicy, bitter and a little peppery – almost overwhelming to eat by itself.  But add it as a back up dancer to the already rocking shortbread recipe and it’s solid gold! I thought it made the cookie a richer, more decadent flavor and I loved the texture added by the bits of lavender.  Last December the hubs took me to Napa for my birthday. We did a little eating (you can read about my epic birthday dinner later), wine tasting and, of course, some shopping.  That’s where I had picked up my jar of organic lavender flowers, at a little shop called the St. Helena Olive Oil Co.

Here's my man muscle rolling out the dough.

This was a simple shortbread recipe – very easy for me to follow and make.  I ground up my dried lavender flowers in a mortar and pestle and used the previously mentioned man muscle to roll out my dough. Since it was February I took out my heart shaped cookie cutters and cut out cute little hearts to make a more whimsical design. The only thing that I changed was to cut the baking the time by 10 mins so they would not be overcook.  Follow the time instructions on Savory Simple’s recipe.  Don’t shave off 10 mins because of what I said – you might have some underdone cookies.

My third recipe also came from the Martha Stewart website. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that’s the only place I go for cookie recipes…..NO!  They happen to email me their cookie of the day recipe. Ok, so I did personally sign up for it, but it has been the source of some really great cookie recipes!


Delicious chocolate peanut butter squares

This one is called Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares and is based on a brown sugar shortbread.  I LOVE this cookie!  It’s so easy to make and looks fancy with the basket-weave molded chocolate on top.  When I was reading over this recipe and looked up where they bought the basket weave mat mold I found out that the shop was only 20 mins away from me.  I was so excited!  The very next day I drove to Cupertino to pick up my mold.  The brown sugar in this recipe gives the cookie a dark smoky flavor, and the creamy peanut butter and dark chocolate together on top of the cookie is sublime.  One thing I want to add: when you’re putting your cookie together and cutting them into squares, be very delicate with the cookie as it tends to be on the crumbly side.

As the wise old Cookie Monster once sang about: “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.”  I seem to have my inner Cookie Monster thinking about and dreaming of cookies all the time.  Now I have gotten my fix on shortbread cookies, so I haven’t been quite so obsessed with them. But I think I’m moving on to oatmeal cookies now.  I’ve been wanting to make a butterscotch chip oatmeal cookie and oatmeal Blondie cookies.  Or even find an oatmeal cookie that has salted caramel in it or a really good vegan oatmeal. Mmmmm, I love cookies!!


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If my camera's a-clickin' don't come in the kitchen! I'm The Husband's muse, personal photographer and royal taster. I love making and consuming baked goods, but my true weakness is dessert. If you value your life, don't stand between me and something sweet. To my Facebook friends I'm a food porn hustler and sometimes brutally honest critic - just ask my husband!


5 thoughts on “C is for Cookie

  1. Coming from a guy who rarely eats sweets, those peanut butter squares are the real deal!

    Posted by Huy-zer | March 15, 2012, 12:18 pm
  2. Looks amazing, but I’m a bit miffed that I didn’t get to taste. Phooey!

    Posted by Taylor | March 15, 2012, 12:29 pm
  3. I’d love to know how to order this mold. Please share. Thank you!

    Posted by Catherine Alston-Cauthen | April 11, 2016, 2:15 pm

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