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The Case of the Mysteriously Missing Blogger

Hello Dear Reader, I swear I haven’t forgotten about you. You’re probably wondering where I’ve been and why you haven’t seen any new posts by me. I do have two very good reasons why I have not been blogging and leaving my poor husband to do all the work. 1. I’ve been a lazy blogger. … Continue reading

A Merry Christmas to All!

We hope the holiday season brings you all joy, health and a fully belly.  Despite being a heathen, I still celebrate Christmas because there’s nothing like seeing a kid’s eyes light up when they get just what they asked Santa for. Sadly, it seems like every year retailers dig their claws a little deeper in … Continue reading

Kim Chi Chronicles, Part One: Whole Napa Cabbage Kim Chi

Kim chi is one of those dishes that you can find in decent quality at any store, but will be blown away by when you actually taste an authentic, homemade version.  We’re lucky to live in Santa Clara because it is kind of considered the unofficial Korean Mecca of the South Bay.  You could spend … Continue reading

Redd: So Nice We Did it Twice

We live in a time and age where food and wine accolades are thrown around like singles at a strip club. Just like Little League, where every kid gets a chance to hit, it seems as if you can always find someone to praise your product or establishment just because no child should be left … Continue reading

Super Bowl Planning – It’s never too early

Never too early to start planning for your Super Bowl Party, folks. Don’t be the guy who ends up serving bottled salsa and frozen pizzas! Buffalo wings, chili, queso con carne, buffalo chicken dip, salsa and sliders are just a few staples. Be creative and don’t sleep on planning. After the holidays the Super Bowl … Continue reading

Eat, Drink and Be Merry: An Egg-stravaganza

I’m a sucker for new discoveries, so when our friend Dr. Alex Nguyen, DDS raved about his Big Green Egg BBQ, I couldn’t wait to check it out. And yes, despite what they say in The Hangover, dentists are doctors (speaking of this movie, check out this strange but funny version of the trailer). The … Continue reading

Christmas Comes Early: Canon Rebel T3

While salivating over the beautiful food porn at some of our favorite blogs, we dreamed of being able to upgrade to a higher quality camera to properly capture the images for this blog. The current camera, a Canon Powershot ELPH, was a birthday gift to Wife and has done it’s job as admirably as can … Continue reading

Cranberry Chutney

I love Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite eating holiday of the entire year and I love that almost everyone in America eats some variation of the same meal. There are a handful of dishes that I need to have for it to be a perfect and complete Thanksgiving meal. The turkey, of course, is a given. … Continue reading