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Do You Believe in Magic? How About the Magical Powers of Dish Soap?

I know this posting isn’t about food – it’s more about what I use to get those pesky food stains out of clothes. Do you believe in Magic? How about the magical powers of Palmolive Oxy Plus dish soap?

One night the husband was cooking, more like frying, something up and spilled grease all over his favorite t-shirt. I went into my laundry cabinet looking for my stain remover and realized I was all out. I didn’t know what to do.  The grease was setting in and starting to dry out. I was just about to toss the t-shirt away when I looked over and saw my Palmolive Oxy Plus sitting there with the words “Power Degreaser” on the front of the bottle. So I thought, “What the hell,” grabbed it and poured the dish soap all over the stains and started scrubbing.  I washed it out with cold water and to my surprise all the grease came out. I got so excited, I went looking for clothes with old grease stains to really test the magical powers of Palmolive Oxy Plus. Lo and behold those old grease stains came out, too. Then one day after I came home with Korean food stains on my white top and blue jeans (yup, I can be a pretty messy eater, just ask the husband).  I grabbed the Palmolive Oxy Plus, poured it onto my stains, gave it a good scrubbing and voila the red stains came out! From that day on I became a true believer of the Palmolive Oxy magic and use it exclusively to remove stains!  For tougher stuff I use a little scrub brush to scrub it out.  But don’t use a scrub brush on silk or any other delicate fabric, that would be bad.  The only thing that it didn’t get out was pomegranate – it left a light pink little stain.

It's little, it's blue, it's powerful. No, it's not Viagra, but it WILL get the job done!

At first I wanted to keep this secret all to myself, but the husband told me that this was really worth sharing and kept encouraging me to do so.  So I shared with my only my closest and dearest friends at first but I don’t think they really believed that a dish soap would take out any clothing stains, let alone old stains.  I even had one close friend who doubted me and went through a bunch of other tips and home remedies to try and combat a nasty stain. She gave them all a try and they all failed. After trying all those other techniques on her daughter’s dress she finally ended up using Palmolive Oxy on it, and the magic worked.  Now she is a believer!

So, dear reader, I am sharing this secret with you! I really do believe in this dish soap’s magical healing powers! Let me know if you end up trying it out and how it works for you.  Now, it has to be Palmolive Oxy Plus, the blue dish soap – not the pink one.  I think the pink eliminates odor,  and is not a degreaser.


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