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Be Still, My Bleating Fart

Posting the California Turkey Chili recipe got me to thinking of the only downside to having a pot of three-bean chili in your fridge: the devastating gas you can only conjure when you mix three different beans and five different chiles together.  If you’re not a fan of being on the receiving end of this type of biological attack then you need to keep some Beano handy for your guests when you make the chili because the aftereffects can be crippling.  BTW, the stuff definitely works.  My pharma friend Dr. Danny confirmed that it contains some sort of enzyme that allows your body to better digest gas-inducing food like beans.

Have you ever wondered what it is about beans that makes you so gassy?  Wonder no more.  According to Harold McGee, in his timeless and indispensable “On Food and Cooking,” certain foods like beans contain heavy amounts of certain carbs (one of which is oligosaccharides) that your upper digestive system’s enzymes (the ones Beano supplements) can’t convert into absorbable sugars.  The beans then travel further down the digestive tract, where your helpful bacteria digest them and then expel multiple waste products, including the methane that fuels your cropduster, fills your Dutch Oven or powers your Claymore.



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